Meet the "MacTouch" and "MacBook Touch" (with docking iMac), and other rumors

Nothing like a good round of crappy mockups and likely-faux leaked Jobs to get the old rumor juices flowing. Check out a few of these pre-Macworld photoshops circulating the internets, and the MacRumors um, rumor, which has the full leaked "scoop" on what Jobs is going to be announcing on the 15th (MacBook Nano 13-inch ultraportable with SSD, MacTouch dual-screen multi-touch folding / sliding SSD tablet, Mac mini redesigned with solid state, half the height and named the Mac Nano, Penryn Mac Pro with Blu-ray option, Penryn MacBook Pro with black aluminum option, iSight-enabled Cinema Displays, blah blah blah). Here's a hint: we have no reason to believe any of this anything but positively fake and pure speculation. Enjoy!

P.S. -You can stop tipping us on these now, kthx.

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