Memorex makes playing DVDs as unfortunate as possible

Considering the noise Memorex just made about its ReNew line of green-friendly devices, you'd think it would think twice about adding to the landfills of the world with yet more forgettable cheap crap -- yet here we are looking at the MVDP1085-FLRB portable DVD player (pictured) and MDV2040-FLR Fashion DVD player. $39.99 is all it takes to bump your home theater up to Fashion status with the MDV2040, which comes with 480p component output and stunning pink urban-floral casing, but road warriors will have to pay $129.99 for the privilege of toting the Memorex label around on the MVDP1085 -- at least for the paltry two hours the internal battery will last them. Check a pic of the Fashion player after the jump -- and then move on with your life.