MOGO Wireless signal booster claims to bag bars for your phone

Ladies and gentlemen -- having connection trouble with your mobile phone? Wishing for more, more, and still more bars in your tiny little LCD display? Well, perhaps the good people at MOGO (not to be confused with Newton, the MoGo mouse-makers) might be able to help. The company has recently introduced a wireless cellular signal amplifier which claims to step up your 800MHz and 1900MHz signals into the stratosphere. Your hard-spent $149 will supposedly garner you an extra two bars and fewer dropped calls on your AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Alltel, or Verizon phone. In our humble experience, you can't really bet on a magic solution for improved signal strength, short of purchasing your mobile provider outright, investing in new towers, then making sure they end up close to your favorite hang-out spots... which we've done a number of times.