Panasonic updates DIGA line of upconverting DVD Recorders

Panasonic's already made a more than respectable showing at CES, but it looks like the company's not done with the new announcements just yet, the latest of which is a complete revision to its DIGA line of DVD recorders. That refresh totals four units in all, including two DVD/VHS combo units and two DVD-only devices. Most importantly, all four of 'em will give you 1080p upconversion via HDMI, along with Panasonic's trademark VIERA Link HDAVI control, and an SD card slot and USB port for playback and archiving of JPEG photos (no mention of other media). The DMR-EZ48V DVD/VHS combo and DMR-EZ28 DVD recorder step things up a bit further with ASTC Accutune digital tuners, not to mention added DivX playback, which the two lower-end models sadly lack. Look for all four to be available in April, with prices ranging from $180 to $300.