Wii enters the vortex of anti-comedy

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JC Fletcher
January 8th, 2008
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Wii enters the vortex of anti-comedy

Family Circus creator Bil Keane, in an effort to show that he's still alive and not a computer program that randomly generates new strips from elements of archival strips, decided to write about one of those TV game things that the kids have been talking about. And in the process, the Wii somehow has been made less funny.

Here you can see the true-life observations that have drawn millions to glance at Family Circus casually whenever someone leaves the comics page of the newspaper lying on the table. Kids are often better with computer stuff than adults, even though they are small and uneducated! This is even true with "Wii Bowling!" Is that the right name? Wii -- that's the one that has bowling, with the little remote thing, right?

The most amazing thing about this comic, to us, isn't that Family Circus accidentally wandered into something that is still relevant as of the last year or so, but that the lettering scheme was broken to maintain the proper capitalization of the word "Wii." Honestly, it carries the fetid stench of cross-marketing.
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