Compressed air + gas = air-powered hybrid car

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Christopher Grant
January 8th, 2008
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Compressed air + gas = air-powered hybrid car

Hybrid cars are great, what with their higher emm pee gees and all, but there's still one significant issue with the increasingly popular tech: one component of that hybrid relationship happens to be fossil-fuelicious petroleum products. The hybrid Air Car isn't looking to remove that component but, using three dollars worth of pressurized air, they are looking to minimize it for city driving. We've already seen totally air-driven vehicles using the same technology by Indian auto giant Tata, which see you clipping along at one horsepower, going 70 mph for around 120 miles, but what if you need more? No word on range or speed of the hybrid option – which would move from air-powered to gasoline-powered if it needed a boost in either category. It should go without saying that it may be some time before vehicles like this find their way to the US market, but with everyone looking to go green, who knows?
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