Toshiba unveils a few DVD recorders

Finishing up the C-listgear dished out by Toshiba here at CES are four new DVD recorders, so let's not waste anymore time, eh? Getting us going is the D-R410 ($119.99) single deck DVD recorder, which features 1080p upscaling, REGZA Link, HDMI, support for -R/RW and +R/RW recording and playback, a DV input and MP3 / JPEG playback. The D-R560 ($179.99) ups the ante with a ATSC / NTSC tuners along with WMA / DivX playback, while the D-VR660 ($249.99) actually adds in a VCR. Finally, we've got the D-VR610 ($179.99), which looks an awful lot like the aforementioned VR660 save for the addition of the line input to "allow recording from cable boxes and satellite receivers." Interested? The whole lot will be sitting atop store shelves by March.