Negroponte says he'd welcome Intel back to OLPC

He's already made nice with Microsoft, and it now seems that OLPC head Nicholas Negroponte is extending an olive branch of sorts to Intel as well, despite the all-out lambasting of the company he doled out only yesterday. According to Infoworld, Negroponte calls what happened with Intel "very unfortunate" and says that he hopes "there's a way of rebuilding it in the future because there's no interest in OLPC pushing Intel out." In case you missed it, Intel up and left the OLPC board of directors last week after it claimed that OLPC insisted it give on cooperating with the competing Classmate PC if it wanted to stay in the OLPC fold. Negroponte, however, now says that the idea that OLPC is anti-competition is "ridiculous" and that it wants to "see as many laptops out there as possible and kids have the widest choice possible." For it's part, Intel says it's willing to talk with OLPC, although it maintains that there are "differences" that they've so far unable to resolve.