Hands-on with the latest TV Guide software (Comcast DVR)

Ben Drawbaugh
B. Drawbaugh|01.11.08

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Ben Drawbaugh
January 11th, 2008

CES is officially over and on the last day we went on the hunt for things we missed, and we got a chance to catch the latest TV Guide tru2way software. TV Guide is the company that makes the user interface for Comcast's -- among others -- set-top boxes. Not only is the latest software designed for tru2way devices, but overall it was really slick. We especially liked the all the new configuration options such as, custom channel lists, custom menus, and different font sizes; -- fit even more data on your 60-inch TV -- but the other new features were cool as well. Like the list of recorded shows with images next to them, or being able to turn off the video preview, different grids, StartOver, and the much improved VOD menus. While we didn't spend enough time with it to know if it stands up to your favorite, (TiVo) we have to say it's a step up from what we've seen from them in the past. But what's really cool is that this software will run on any tru2way HDTV, -- obviously the TV would have to have an integrated DVR for all the functionality -- which we should see hit the streets by the end of 2008.

Also, while we were there we asked them about all those old analog TVs that depend on analog signals for TV Guide data, and they explained that they've deployed a solution to this problem years ago and everyone with a digital to analog converter box will have no problem continuing to receive guide data after the analog shutoff.

More pics after the break.

Main TV grid, unfortunately there isn't a list guide option, but you can turn off the preview window.

This is the Max Listings view, so you can see more information, the font size can be changed to fit even more data.

This is the main home screen, the menu on the left can be customized with multiple profiles, one for each family member and the size of the video can be different.

Here is how you take advantage of the StartOver feature, for those times when you missed the beginning of a show that you weren't recording.

Using StartOver to watch the game from the beginning, notice the scrub bar.

The new On Demand menu, notice you can watch previews right from the main menu.
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