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Hauppauge intros USB PVR with component input

Hauppauge intros USB PVR with component input
Steven Kim
Steven Kim|January 11, 2008 2:17 PM
Hauppauge intros USB PVR with component inputHauppauge has pulled the wraps of their HD PVR, which can take a HD signal from its component inputs and transcode it to H.264 in real time for storage on your computer. If you don't believe that old-school analog component connections are any good, keep walking. True, there will be some degradation after the signal makes its digital-to-analog-to-digital journey, but we like the universal applicability of this device. Hauppauge is tossing a copy of its HD encoder software so you can then burn the recorded content to a DVD for use on the run. Available Q1 2008 for $249.

[Via TVSquad]
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