CES 2008: The best and worst of HD

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CES 2008: The best and worst of HD
CES is an epic event, and after walking the show floor, sitting through press conferences and reading enough press releases to last us a lifetime, these are the products that made the most lasting impression, good or bad. Pioneer's extreme contrast concept was without a doubt the most impressive item on display, and left more than one person saying they'd seen their next HDTV. Size still matters, Panasonic had the biggest and Pioneer had the slimmest. XStreamHD was best and worst by making great promises, but failing to deliver when we stopped by for a demo. Finally, HD DVD's pre-CES disappointment -- and subsequent press conference cancellation -- left a pall hanging over the booth, no matter how many people were there.

Tru2way TVs at CES 2008
Hands-on with Pioneer's extreme contrast concept plasma
Hands-on with the Pioneer 9mm-thick Kuro plasma
Warner goes Blu-ray exclusive
DirecTV's PC tuner (HDPC-20) is real!
Eyes-on with Samsung's 31-inch and 14-inch OLED TVs -- take that Sony
Panasonic's gigantic 150-inch plasma is official!
XstreamHD details continue to emerge
Hands-on with Marantz's first Blu-ray player, the BD8002
Hands-on with HD video podcasts on an HD TiVo
Logitech launches Harmony One
Sharp rolls out SE94U Aquos series w/ Aquos Net
MusicGiants launches VideoGiants, with HD movies from Paramount

XStreamHD's CES 2008 booth tour
HD DVD's CES 2008 booth tour
Philips' new LCD lineup continues to not impress
Mustek intros the BD-100, aka Sharp BD-HP20S
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