HTC S730 gets previewed

The Vox and Libra have been largely overlooked in the US market (though Verizon's finally looking into fixing that issue), which is a crying shame considering the cool side-sliding QWERTY WinMo Standard form factor that remains largely unique to HTC. The S730 succeeds the Vox, adding most notably 3G and a supposedly better keyboard, and Tracy and Matt's Blog have given the bugger a thorough once-over. It seems that the phone is a little fatter than the already-fat Vox, a potential problem for those hoping to discretely pack it in a pants pocket; battery life was a little weak, too, with normal usage resulting in a nearly drained device at the end of the day. On the positive side, though... well, where the heck else are you going to find this form factor running 3G and Windows Mobile 6 Standard?