HTC's HSDPA toting S730 QWERTY and P6500 GPS phones get official

That was quick. Just a few hours after peeping their S730 in the wild, HTC has upped and made it official. They also pushed out the P6500 enterprise phone to keep it safe and feeling protected. The S730 is just what we heard: 400MHz Qualcomm processor, "worldwide 3G," HSDPA data, WiFi (of course), auto-sliding QWERTY, and Windows Mobile 6 with 256MB of flash memory. The 3G/HSDPA P6500 then, targets vertical sectors including logistics companies, hospitals and the police by combining Windows Mobile 6 Professional with a 3.5-inch screen, 3 megapixel autofocus camera, barcode and fingerprint scanning capabilities, GPS, and 2x SDIO slots for additional memory or accessories. It even boasts a remote-wipe capability to keep all your dirty little conspiracies under wraps where they belong. The S730 hits Europe in October while the P6500 is set to pop in November. Again, no pricing.
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