Cinemassively: Sand, Episode 0

Moo Money
M. Money|01.15.08

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Yesterday on Cinemassively, we introduced you to Scion City. Today, we're showing the first episode of Sand, a Second Life series that looks deeper into the mystery of the island. In this clip, directed by Douglas Gayeton, a group of, what I can only assume are, treasure hunters discover a strange vehicle buried in the sand. One of them takes the others on a joyride, but they crash into some kind of pole. It is there that they uncover a transmission device that tells them of Scion City.

Well, readers of Massively, it's time to put our thinking caps on and dig for clues in Scion City! If you've seen anything out of the ordinary, leave a comment, or let us know that you submitted a video of your findings. If you're interested in learning more about what they're looking for, visit their website.

Read on to find out how the lipsyncing was done ...

An interesting tidbit of information is that they used the new CrazyTalk 5 beta, which ends today, in order to render out lips that they placed over the avatars in an editing program. They keyframed the movement so that it appeared naturally in each scene, as if the avatars really spoke in SL. This is different from most lipsyncing techniques used by Second Lifers.

It is my understanding that the whole project took about three months to complete! The filming and editing process happened over six weeks.
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