iTunes Digital Copy from Fox DVD goes under the microscope

Where the failed promise of Managed Copy on Blu-ray and HD DVD left us all hanging, Apple, iTunes, and Fox have oddly picked up the pieces. As paradoxically quietly announced at this week's Jobsnote, the new Family Guy Presents Blue Harvest DVD comes with an included movie file that one can pull off the disc onto their machine -- but only by making use of an included code (and a copy of iTunes with a valid account, of course), which ensures the DRM is still there. What's unclear is whether the movie file is DRMed before being pulled off the disc, or is encrypted specific to one's account during the process of download from the disc. Ultimately these details won't change the fact that iTunes Digital Copy is a ripe target for people who wants to legitimately buy their media, yet doesn't think it should be friggin' rights managed. Crazy, we know.