DLO introduces HomeDock HD: yet another upscaling iPod dock

Just in case the HomeDock hasn't been revamped and slightly renamed enough already, DLO is busting out yet another in the line and throwing the all-too-trendy "HD" moniker in there for good measure. As with most every other alternative already on the market, the HomeDock HD offers up 720p / 1080i upscaling and gives your iPod an easy way to output content via HDMI. You'll also find an optical digital audio output, a USB port, an auxiliary input and S-Video / composite outputs. DLO claims that the enhanced on-TV interface will just melt your heart (more or less, anyway), and the bundled remote will keep you firmly planted on the sofa when flipping through clips. Mum's the word on pricing at the moment, but feel free to take a second and check out this thing's backside after the break.

[Via CNET]