Stanton, Pioneer bust out new DJ rigs

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It looks like DJs (robot or otherwise) will soon have a couple of new pieces of gear to consider, as both Stanton and Pioneer took advantage of the currently-happening NAMM expo to announce some new and decidedly non-amateur rigs. First up is Stanton's SC System (pictured above), which will be available either as a set for $2,499, or as a separate "virtual turntable" and "virtual mixer" for $1,499 and $999, respectively. As Crave reports, the former of those'll give you a 10-inch, high-torque motorized platter covered in real vinyl, while the latter packs four channel strips with EQ control among other standard controls and, most importantly, a Firewire interface that'll handle a 96KHz sample rate. Look for it to be available in May. For its part, Pioneer's announced two new additions to its line of DJ CD players, including the MEP-7000 Professional Multi-Entertainment Player and the SEP-C1 Professional Software Entertainment Controller. Both of those pack 4.3-inch LCDs and make use of Pioneer's DJS software suite for control from a PC, with the $2,300 MEP-7000 adding dual players (that'll handle DVD-ROMs in addition to CDs) and a slew of other features not found on the $1,200 SEP-C1. As with the Stanton, however, you won't be able to get your hands on those just yet, with each of 'em only slated to roll out in June.

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