Found Footage: MacBook Air makes thin in again

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|01.19.08

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Is anyone else worried about Apple's obsession with being thin? This issue has come up before, but while last time around it was supposed to be serious, this time it's just plain silly. While Apple is crowing about releasing the world's thinnest notebook, nobody's thinking about the self esteem of all those other laptops and notebooks out there. Instead they're left... well, you can see above. Hilarious.

Has anyone considered the feelings of these bulky notebooks, growing up in a world that values computers so small and thin that they fit in envelopes?!? Worry not, little laptops. God Dell, Lenovo or HP made you just the way you are, and it's possible to be big and beautiful all at the same time. Well, not Apple beautiful (come on now-- you could definitely stand to lose that optical drive), but beautiful in your own big, bulky way.

[Via Waxy]
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