Hackers reportedly targeting cities' power systems

We know, hackers tend to get a pretty bad rap these days, but with some of 'em out there creating ginormous gridlocks in Los Angeles and shutting down networks in enemy territories, we sort of understand the sentiment. Most recently, it seems that hackers are being blamed for "penetrating power systems (sound familiar?) in several regions outside the US, and in at least one case, causing a power outage affecting multiple cities." That's according to Tom Donahue, a CIA official, who failed to dole out critical details such as where or when the attacks occurred nor how many folks were actually left in the dark. 'Course, Bruce Schneier, CTO of security firm BT Counterpane, warns that these attacks could in fact be aided by individuals with administrative access to said systems, implying that "human vulnerability" could share at least some of the blame. Don't worry guys, we're faxing CTU right now, they'll be right on it within 72 business hours.

[Image courtesy of WPS]