Mischievous duo plead not guilty to LA traffic hacking scandal

We've seen our fair share of scheming and conniving, but a duo of engineers that were previously employed by LA's Automated Traffic Surveillance Center allegedly pulled off one of the most impactful jobs we've ever heard of. Both men have just pled not guilty to charges of "manipulating traffic signals to disrupt transportation across the city in the run-up to a union protest last August," a case which pins them with deeds such as identity theft and illegally using those 1337 skills to wreck havoc. In a situation eerily similar to that seen in The Italian Job, the pair overrode intentional barriers to access the traffic light system in LA, and proceeded to not only force lights to stay red for extended periods of time in some of the city's most critical and congested intersections, but locked out city officials from entering back in and reversing the changes as well. Ranking right up there beside the numerousATMhacks we've seen, this job led to massive amount of chaos in the following days, creating gridlocks in some areas that reportedly took "four days" to totally clear out. If convicted, the two could face several years in prison, but if not, we're sure risk-loving tech executives everywhere are drooling to pick these two up and put 'em to (honest, law-abiding) work.

[Via The Register]