Quick-footed thieves snag 39 iPods in 15 seconds

Okay, so iPods might be easy to flip on eBay, but cruising around with 39 hot PMPs in the trunk of your car (and a stash of PlayStation 2 games to boot) probably isn't the best way to welcome yourself to Utah. Three New Yorkers apparently took those crime dramas a bit too seriously as they acquired "maps of every Target store in Utah and Nevada," and flew off to Riverdale with a heist in mind. When the thieves couldn't break open the iPod display at their primary target (ahem), they sped off to execute plan B, but alerted authorities to their ill intentions in the process. Nevertheless, the crooks finally pulled off the job with utmost haste, as they stuffed 39 iPods (and possibly a few PS2 titles) down a presumably gargantuous pair of "oversized pants" in a blistering 15 seconds. Although the second time proved to be a charm, their sloppiness in round one landed them in police custody less than 24 hours after arriving in the Beehive State. While flying across the country to jack $7,000 worth of 'Pods might make for good television, you're probably better off trying to outwit one of those yet-to-be-altered cash-flinging ATMs if you're feeling frisky.

[Via PowerPage]