ATM reprogrammed to disperse extra cash

Although ATM trickery has been going on for some time now, it typically deals with some sly guy jacking your data when you least expect it and withdrawing massive (or not) quantities of cash from your checking account. 'Twas not the case at all, however, in a recent reprogramming effort at a Virginia ATM, where a clever individual somehow fooled the computer into thinking it was dispersing five-dollar bills while it actually shot out twenties. Essentially, the suspect's balance was only debited for the amount he requested, yet he gleefully received four times that amount from the helpless machine. It was stated that the ever-joyous trickster couldn't resist returning only minutes after his first bonus score to give it another go, but he won't be going back anytime soon: now he's got the boys in blue tracking him down. One of the more ingenious acts of programming we've seen lately (it's a shame Intel's not hiring), it still was a loophole not to be exploited, so if you see a fellow in Virginia Beach throwing down on 4:1 odds, stay sharp.