Leaked Castlevania screens or whipped-up fakes?

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JC Fletcher
January 20th, 2008
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Leaked Castlevania screens or whipped-up fakes?
A mysterious trio of what looks an awful lot like Castlevania screens popped up on 2ch recently. The supposed title, as displayed on the logo, is Akumajo Dracula: Ubawareta Kokuin (Castlevania: Stolen Emblem). Could this be the third DS Castlevania game that we know is coming? Or a fan project? A cruel hoax? A miserable little pile of secrets?

If this is the real game, Konami has dumped the ridiculous art from the last two and moved toward more of the Ayami Kojima style of art that Symphony of the Night is known for. Other than that, it looks like the same Metroidvania game that we've seen over and over again for years, which is to say that we love it and it needs to come out right now. After the break, we'll show you some screens that might be interesting for you!
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