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Lineage II clan rivalry ends in real life murder

We've all faced off against some frustrating adversary in an online game; be it a sword-hogging, trash-talking, rabid teabagger on Halo 3; or a cocky member of a rival faction in an MMORPG. However, the boundaries established between virtual enemies are never impermeable, and when online rivals decide to settle their differences in a real world context, the result is almost always tragic -- as was the case for Albert, a 33-year-old Lineage II player who was allegedly beaten to death by a vindictive member of an opposing clan.

Albert is survived by his sister Albina, a fellow member of Albert's Platanium clan, who reports that she's received a number of death threats from members of her brother's alleged murderer's guild, the Coo-clocks clan. Considering this is Russia's second Lineage II related murder in one year, perhaps warring clans and other sparring members of the gaming community should momentarily cool their jets and firmly reestablish those necessary borders between video games and reality.