Wii Warm Up: 'Fess up to your gaming non-achievements

Chris Greenhough
C. Greenhough|01.20.08

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Wii Warm Up: 'Fess up to your gaming non-achievements
We've all got them: those classic games that we just never got around to completing, or, in some cases, playing.

For his part, this blogger has only ever completed two -- TWO!! -- Zelda games (Link to the Past and Twilight Princess), and only made it through one-third of Super Mario Bros. 3. I have played other Zelda and Mario titles of course, sometimes for scores of hours each, but just never quite found the time to finish them. As for Super Mario Galaxy, that was left to collect dust a month ago, with only 21 stars obtained, and 99 still missing.

I am not proud of these facts. But I am coming clean now, and it feels good! So put any concerns about your precious gamer cred to one side, and tell us: which gaming classics have you either failed to complete, or not even tried? It'll be our secret. By which we mean, the entire internet's secret.
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