More awards, more snubs for the DS

Alisha Karabinus
A. Karabinus|01.22.08

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More awards, more snubs for the DS
It's something we've talked about a few times but still don't understand -- what does it take for the best-selling game system in the world to get a little attention? Alright, alright, we're over it. And at least the Game Developers Choice awards have a special handheld category, and we're extraordinarily pleased to see Contra 4 glowing brightly on the list. It's probably not going to win, but we're happy to see we're not the only ones who love beefy dudes with weapons.

Maybe this time next year, we'll see some DS games breaking out of handheld-only categories, since there is so much complete awesome slated for the system in the coming months. We can't be the only ones who think DS titles can go toe-to-toe with their console brethren. In the meantime, check out the nominees for best handheld game after the break.

Best Handheld Game
  • Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords
  • The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass
  • Phase
  • Contra 4
  • Peggle (for iPod)
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