The Master Chief vacuum totally sucks

Justin McElroy
J. McElroy|01.22.08

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Everybody knows that vacuum designers can draw inspiration from pretty much anywhere. How many times have you passed an odd man or woman staring at some feature of the landscape, lost in their own world and thought "I bet that's a vacuum designer." All the time, right? Well, finally, vacuum designers are turning their keen eye to video games for inspiration with the Samsung Silencio SC9540 which looks, well, a lot like Master Chief's helmet. First soda, now vacuums, is there anything that guy can't do? (Besides, obviously, taking his helmet off.)

Now, we know the fine people of Samsung can't exactly start branding this with a Halo logo, but if we see one ad that tells us it's time to "Finish the fight ... against dust and allergens" we're going to be sorely tempted to finally invest in a vacuum.

[Thanks, eldee]
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