Verizon's XV6900 Touch, in all its shockingly white glory

If you hate ridiculously out of focus shots of unreleased handsets as much as we do (it's actually more of a love / hate relationship, but you know what we mean), this here is a welcome sight for sore eyes. About all we can say is this: Verizon's XV6900 Touch from HTC features EV-DO, Windows Mobile 6, and a 2 megapixel camera like its Sprint and Alltel cousins, it includes GPS, and yep, we're now absolutely certain it's real. There's still no word on whether it's actually thinner than Sprint's version, but it looks pretty chubby from the diagrams in our gallery, so we have our doubts. See the biggie-sized visuals over in the gallery!

[Thanks, anonymous tipster]