Samsung GX-20 DSLR gets official in the UK

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Donald Melanson
January 25, 2008 1:31 PM
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Samsung GX-20 DSLR gets official in the UK
Samsung's GX-20 DSLR has taken a rather roundabout route on the way to release -- first getting leaked on a Norwegian website and then getting official in Korea -- but it looks like things are really pickup up now, with Samsung announcing the camera for the UK and, thankfully, providing all the details this time around. As we knew before, the DSLR is a 14.6-megapixel number, with a 2.7-inch live view LCD, RAW and JPEG modes, sensor-based image stabilization, and ISO settings up to 3200, among other equally impressive specs. What's new this time around is the all-important price (£699, or just under $1,400), and some of the finer details, including word of two new lenses for the camera. What's more, as Digital Photography Review points out, this announcement also confirms that the GX-20 is, in fact, essentially the same camera as Pentax's just-announced K20D, with the Samsung boasting only a few minor cosmetic changes and, according the company, its own JPEG processing.
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