Shocker: content providers raising rates in 2008

While the actual sets you enjoy high-definition programming on continue to get cheaper and cheaper, the content itself continues to become more costly. In case you couldn't already guess, 2008 will be no different than the years prior, meaning that cable, satellite and fiber subscribers across the country will all likely be seeing rate hikes. According to a recent article in the Denver Post, Comcast users in Colorado will see a rise of about four-percent in their bills, and company spokeswoman Cindy Parsons stated that the hike reflects "...increasing choices in HD viewing options and a $150 million investment in Comcast's Colorado network." Of course, these poor souls aren't alone -- DirecTV is said to be pumping up bills by around four-percent as well, and we've all ideas most other carriers will be jumping at the chance to hop on this bandwagon. Nevertheless, it's worth keeping an eye on your cable bill over the next few months, and it certainly wouldn't hurt to bark in someone's ear if you can't figure out exactly what you're paying extra for.

[Image courtesy of Flickr]