Sunday Morning Funnies: There's a hierarchy at work

This week we have quite a few comics for your reading pleasure. Whether you are after laughs or intriguing plot developments, you'll find something to suit you.

We even have two new comics listed, thanks to the submissions of uberartist and baudkarma.

  1. The latest in the Adventures of Blanc

  2. Dark Legacy Comics presents The NPC Hierarchy

  3. LFG #115

  4. The latest from Sockpuppet Asylum

  5. Episode 228: Hell? - The noob

  6. Tales from the Lion's Pride Inn: The Chase

  7. Berzerker Rage from Socks and Barney

  8. Pyromoose won a Comic Contest Honorable Mention. Check out the entry!

  9. From the Adventures of Messy Cow comes Arena: Epilogue

Pass through the break to vote for your favorite.


Voting from January 13th 2008 to January 19th 2008
Despite Dr. Disgraph winning over the comment box, it came in second with 27.6% of the vote, while Marshal pulled ahead to 29.9%.