2008's Biggest Blips: Space Invaders Extreme

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2008's Biggest Blips: Space Invaders Extreme
Developer: Taito
Publisher: Taito
Release: February 21 (Japan)

You know, Space Invaders Extreme looks like an amazing title. Seriously, in both providing a kind of Pac-Man Championship Edition kind of overhaul to the original game and implementing music in brilliant fashion, it has totally blown our minds. We're absolutely certain that this will be the go-to title for instant fun, ideal for train rides and training you for the impending alien invasion to come.

But, why is it such an important game if it's just the same old Space Invaders with a facelift? Because it's not. Bridging the old-school arcade shooter with visually stunning new titles like Geometry Wars: Galaxies and Rez, Space Invaders Extreme is a new experience that is anything but the same-old, same-old. And, from what we've seen, the gameplay looks so engaging, we're sure we'll do all kinds of things like neglect to feed our pets and put pants on before we go to the bank (it doesn't matter how great a deposit you are making, they're just not cool with it). Seriously, this doesn't just look like any old port of a very old game, it looks like the meth-addicted grandchild of what we once knew to be Space Invaders.

This is not what you should expect.

As one might assume from everything we've bombarded you with, this is all just too good to be true. It should be noted that only those in Japan should expect the title to be readily available, as this one isn't due for release outside of the region yet. So this is purely an importer's choice. But, the accessible gameplay and focus on giving us things to enjoy other than line after line of Japanese text to read make it universally adoptable to all. And, if you're feeling like you need a bit more in the way of old-school revivals, the included paddle controller with Arkanoid DS works with this game.

Don't discount this title in the face of so many other high-profile games, as Space Invaders Extreme will probably be one of the best casual titles this year, if not the best rhythm-based-space-combat-simulation for the DS.


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