Disney apparently having issues getting people to try out DS as guide

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David Hinkle
January 29th, 2008
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Disney apparently having issues getting people to try out DS as guide
Following rumors that DS was to test out a program where patrons could utilize their DS as a guide (among other things), we here at DS Fanboy envisioned others following Disney's lead, giving us the kind of functionality that the handheld enjoys in Japan and abroad. We were excited at the possibility of using our DS to send in food orders over wi-fi and perhaps checking out movie trailers while waiting in line at the theater. Fun stuff of the sort is always bouncing around our brain.

Imagine how we felt after seeing some leaked shots of the Disney DS guide in action. We pretty much received what we expected in that department. But, our excitement for the prospect might be unfounded, as families just didn't seem excited to come use the device. The ones that did sign up seemed to be genuinely impressed with the features and exclaimed that it enhanced their park experience, however getting families to come and give it a whirl seemed to be a tough sell.

Still, if the functionality is there and those than used the device generally seemed to be pleased with what it did.

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