The 42-inch Eee PC TeeVee? Yes, and more

Just as we feared, Asus is getting ready to dilute their Eee branding until it's RAZRed down to a hint of its former panache. The new family of low-cost, Eee products will include the E-DT (desktop), E-TV, and E-Monitor. The $200 - $300 E-DT will initially sport a Celeron processor when it ships without a monitor sometime in April or May. The E-Monitor then, is more than that name would have you believe. It's a 19- to 21-inch all-in-one PC with built-in TV tuner and a remarkable $499 price tag. It'll be based on Intel's Shelton platform when the AIO launches in September. The 42-inch E-TV will also launch in September and feature a Linux PC integrated into the LCD. It's expected to list for a $200 premium over the low-cost 42-inch sets it will compete with. Just don't get too hung up on those prices, kid. The Eee PC was only supposed to cost $200 when it was announced.

Now for the bad news. ASUS will not be offering a touch-panel in their next generation Eee PC after all -- their market research shows limited demand. Not avid Engadget readers, are we ASUS?