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Nyko reveals cord-free adapter for Wii Nunchuck, retrofitters rejoice

Oh sure, one could argue (quite successfully, we might add) that Nyko's Wireless Nunchuck was quite the blessing for those sick and tired of the factory tether, but what about all us chaps and dames who already purchased Nintendo's version of the Nunchuck? Fret not, Wii faithful, as Nyko is coming to your rescue once more. The aptly-titled Cord-Free Adapter for Wii Nunchuck enables current wired Nunchuck owners to simply holster their peripherals, wind up the cord and enjoy all sorts of wireless freedom. Granted, we still feel that this February-bound accessory is priced a touch high at $19.99, but hey, it's cheaper than buying an all new third-party 'chuck, eh?