Nintendo-themed lunchbox lacks only the thermos

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David Hinkle
February 5th, 2008
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Nintendo-themed lunchbox lacks only the thermos

In this day and age, a person with a knack for the more technological things in life can freely stroll throughout their local Wal-Mart's Eletronics section, taking pictures of various things with their nifty camera phones. Pictures like the above rack of Nintendo-themed lunchbox DS cases.

Upon checking Wal-Mart's site to see exactly what was in each tin, we found a bundle of:
  • Headphones
  • Car Adapter
  • Screen protectors (2)
  • Case
  • Decal
  • Cartridge cases (2)
  • 3 colored styli
Wow, quite a bit of goods for $27.88. But is it a good enough deal? If you want to see the bundle for yourself, head on past the break.

[Via flickr]
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