Screenshots from the Border of Madness

Alisha Karabinus
A. Karabinus|02.05.08

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Screenshots from the Border of Madness

Some people may be a little iffy on the updated character designs and art in the upcoming Front Mission 2089, but after playing Front Mission DS, we're pretty excited about anything Square Enix (re)makes along these battle lines for our dual screens -- and that includes games that originated in the mobile sphere. We expect another solid SRPG experience with Border of Madness.

Above, you can see the mobile version on the left, with the DS game, which has no firm release date as yet, on the right. Clearly, not much is required for an update to the gameplay ... the colors are a little more lush, and everything is a little brighter, but otherwise, it looks like Front Mission. And while we're still waiting for a few other titles in the franchise (like Front Mission 5!), that really can't be a bad thing.

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