Brennan intros JB7 Micro Jukebox with lossless CD ripping

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Brennan intros JB7 Micro Jukebox with lossless CD ripping
There's already a good number of options out there for those wanting to rip CDs without the hassle of a computer, but the number of those that give you lossless CD ripping is quite a bit more limited. Those not willing to accept any compromises now have one more lossless-happy system to consider, however, with Brennan recently introducing its new JB7 Micro Jukebox. Available in 20GB, 40GB, or 80GB versions (and with or without added bookshelf speakers), the system boasts 60W of RMS power and packs a USB port that'll accommodate an iPod or a USB hard drive. Unfortunately, there's no Internet connectivity (wireless or otherwise), but the system does at least come pre-loaded with a database 2.2 million track names, which can be updated quarterly via a CD that Brennan distributes. Look for it to set you back £259 (or roughly $500) for the standalone 20GB unit, with prices running up to £388 (or $760) for the 80GB unit complete with speakers.

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