Bizarre Creations explains why you should join The Club

Adam Holisky
A. Holisky|02.07.08

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Adam Holisky
February 7th, 2008
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In our hands-on with The Club's PlayStation Network demo, we weren't too entirely impressed. However, we plan to wash our hands of that experience when we finally get a chance to play the full game. In the mean time, though, several of the key players responsible for The Club's creation want to tell you what sets the game apart from every other third-person shooter on the market.

Bizarre Creations is banking on the fact that gamer's natural drive for competition will help The Club sell as the game's focus isn't on level progression or story development, but rather chaining kills together to score the most points possible.

Whether it succeeds in that goal or not, one thing's for sure, Bizarre Creations is most certainly living up to its name with such an original take on an otherwise increasingly stale genre.

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