Three undersea cables expected to be repaired by this weekend

It looks like the multitude of problems stemming from the recent slicing and dicing of five undersea cables could soon be eased significantly, with Reuters now reporting that three of the cables should be repaired by this weekend. Those include the FLAG Europe-Asia cable between Egypt and Italy and the FALCON cable system between Dubai and Oman, which are each expected to be fixed by February 10th, and SEA-ME-WE 4 cable near Egypt, which should be fixed by Saturday at the latest. What's more, while the causes for most of those cuts and outages remain a mystery, the culprit behind the cut to the FALCON cable between the UAE and Oman has now apparently been determined to be a ship's anchor, which was reportedly found abandoned near the cable. That'll likely do little to put most folks at completely at ease, however, and we're guessing they won't be until everything is back up and running, and stays that way.

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[Image courtesy of I Love Bonnie]