Video: eCoupled fires up its wireless Foreman grill and cooks us a burger

You might remember how excited we were to send Veronica Belmont over to eCoupled's booth at CES for a demo of the company's wireless Foreman grill, only to be bitterly disappointed when the reps claimed to have "power problems" and didn't really demo anything at all. Well, as it turns out, there was an eCoupled engineer on our flight home from Vegas, and after showing us his wirelessly-charging laptop, he promised us a video of the Foreman in action. And... it's a video of a dude cooking a burger. Sure, the grill is wireless -- but come on, where's the showmanship? Let's at least put a hula hoop around it, people. That said, we can see a lot of potential for the tech if it gets ubiquitous -- let's just hope the sales team has a little more of the ol' vaudeville spirit in 'em, eh? Check the video after the break.