Warner's 2008 Blu-ray release plan

Ben Drawbaugh
B. Drawbaugh|02.08.08

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Warner's 2008 Blu-ray release plan
Warner Homve VideoNow that Warner (somehow related to Engadget) has dedicated its movies to Blu-ray, they're getting serious about delivering and it all starts with a plan. Of course as we know all too well, thing don't always go according to plan -- you know like HD DVD's that are supposed to be delayed by three weeks showing up on stores shelves. Anyways, the plan for '08 is to release a Blu-ray disc day and date with every new release, and every DVD special edition. At the same time Warner is planning on catching Blu-ray up to HD DVD with some of their most sought after titles including, Batman Begins (Q3), V for Vendetta and yes of course The Matrix trilogy-- no dates on these, just another promise of "this year."
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