WoW News Special Edition: Patch 2.4

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WoW News Special Edition: Patch 2.4

There's been a great deal of World of Warcraft news to come out since last night's announcement of the 2.4 patch going live on the test realms. While character transfer is currently either suspended or overburdened and timing out on the US side of the house, there are still those poking around in the back end and discovering all manner of interesting tidbits. For those of you who spend the lion's share of time in Azeroth, we've compiled a truly massive newspost to give you all the latest and greatest!

We'll kick off our roundup with all the news and a fantastic first-look gallery from our sister site, WoW Insider. For those hungry for even more news, check out the extended coverage from all over the web after the jump!

WoW Insider

  • 2.4 Test realm overview -- Boubouille and crew have rounded up models for mobs, weapons, armor, and more. This is a great post full of eye-candy.
WorldofRaids Forums
  • PTR Patch Notes 2.4.0, Pictures, Sunwell -- World of Raids seems to have an equally crack team of people who love to dig through patch code and find new goodies. There are a few gems in the wall-o-text/pictures, so definitely worth a look-through.
Blue News:
  • UI & Macros Forum: Upcoming 2.4 changes - Concise list -- For all the folks who love to tweak their game via authoring mods and macros, be warned. Functionality changes! For the rest of us who just use mods or macros, be warned -- WoW will undoubtedly explode. Again. (Started by Green, carried by Blue.)
  • General: A quick note on honor tabulation in 2.4 PvP just in case you weren't clear.
  • General: Oops, we forgot to put in the extension to 25 dailies -- Well, you could give us 5 more if you're feeling guilty about leaving them out of the patch notes while putting them on test. We're sure none of our fellow players would mind.
  • Test Realm Forums: 2.4 PTR FAQ -- Just in case you're looking to jump in there, this is the first place you should stop and read.
As we find more great news, we'll be updating you on just what kind of changes you can expect coming from World of Warcraft's Patch 2.4! Until then, we'll see you in the character transfer queue.
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