VAIO TZ with 64GB SDD + 250GB HDD gets a ship date

Somewhat lost in Sony's massive CES VAIO spec bump was an update to the super hot (but generally overlooked) top-end VAIO TZ that features both an SSD and HDD, which allows you to speed up booting and other system tasks that rely on quick random reads by running Windows off the SSD while still being able to lug all your data around on the traditional hard drive. The no-compromises model got bumped to 64GB of SSD and 250GB of HDD, but we didn't know a ship date until now -- looks like Sony's taking pre-orders now on for delivery in March. The new model also includes 2GB of RAM, a Sprint EV-DO card, fingerprint sensor, and external dual-layer burner, as well as the TZ's usual 11.1-inch XBRITE screen and 1.33GHz U7700 Core 2 Duo processor -- looks like the TZ isn't going to give up that "hottest ultralight" crown to the MacBook Air so easily, now is it?

[Thanks, Tim]