Sony Vaio TZ sports 32GB SSD and 160GB disk -- the best of both worlds

Oh hotness incarnate, the VAIO TZ lives. Sure we peeped those catalog shots more than two weeks ago, but there's nothing like seeing the 11.1-inch ultra-portable in the fo' realz. The specs are in line with what we already knew with one tiny surprise: the system can apparently (judging by janky machine translation) be configured to run both a 2.5-inch 160GB disk and a 1.8-inch 32GB SSD simultaneously -- store the Vista OS and your critical apps and data on the lickity quick flash drive with everything else bunged into the traditional spinner. Nice. The TZ also features a newly designed keyboard carried over from earlier Sony's and similar to the one found on the Apple MacBook. The Vaio TZ starts shipping in Japan May 26th which means the rest of the world should get theirs shortly thereafter. One more pic after the break.

[Via Impress, thanks William M.]