Vigor's Force Recon SP and Force Recon BT will dismember your brain

Joshua Topolsky
J. Topolsky|02.11.08

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Vigor, a PC-maker not known for its subtlety or underpowered systems, has just launched two new desktop powerhouses destined to shake you to your very core. The Force Recon SP and Force Recon BT will undoubtedly leave you in existence-questioning bafflement as you experience the sheer neck-breaking speed of their CPUs and accompanying graphics chipsets. The former tears enemies asunder with AMD's Phenom quad-core processors coupled with dual ATI Radeon HD3870 graphics -- capable of driving XHD displays at 2560 x 1600. The latter sports Intel's quad-core mind-destroyer, the QX9650 Core 2 Extreme (which trots along at 3.0GHz), utilizes the new SSE4 instructions, and supports a slew of options which blend into what Vigor refers to as the "juiced" configuration. Both models are available now, with the SP starting at $2,319, and the BT clocking in at $2,869 -- though both of those numbers can escalate quickly.

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