White space tests fail again -- next up, conquering windmills

At this point all the snazzy new websites and re-focused marketing efforts in the world aren't going to get Google, Microsoft, and the other members of the White Spaces Coalition anywhere if they don't actually demonstrate the broadband-in-between-TV-signals tech in action -- and it looks like that's proving to be harder than expected. For the second time in seven months, a prototype device has failed testing at the hands of the FCC, although this time it wasn't because it was interfering with TV signals -- it just wouldn't stay powered on. Microsoft says the power issue is "unrelated to the technology points we're trying to prove," but as usual, those prickly pears at the NAB aren't being shy about this latest setback, calling it proof that white space broadcasts are "risky technology that has proven to be unworkable." At this point we're honestly torn -- we hate to side with the NAB and we had high hopes for the white spaces concept, but it just doesn't look like it's panning out. Maybe it's time to move on to bigger and better things, eh?