Spy bill passes Senate with carrier immunity

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Tape up those mitts and put on your thinking caps kids, it's time for an intellectual rumble. Today's subject: the Senate's overwhelming reauthorization of Gee Dubs domestic spying powers with a new measure giving phone companies retroactive immunity from lawsuits. Good thing too (for them) since our AT&T, VZW, and Sprint collaborators have racked up about 40 lawsuits accusing them of violating USitizen's privacy rights. The bill now goes to the House. If they reject it or fail to pass the measure this week, then the temporary surveillance powers activated after 11 September, 2001 will expire on the House floor. So what's it going to be, live free or die or give up some civil liberties in good faith to your government? Your state representatives would like to know.

P.S. For those following the election: McCain voted for telco immunity, Obama against, and Clinton didn't vote at all even though she was in the area for Tuesday's primaries.

Voter Roll-call (a "Yea" is a vote to strike the immunity provision)
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