The Daily Grind: Would you ever play a noncombatant?

Akela Talamasca
A. Talamasca|02.15.08

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The Daily Grind: Would you ever play a noncombatant?
Watching a recent Cinemassively, it occurred to me that in MMOs, everyone is a warrior. By that, I mean that everyone fights -- some with weapons, some with magic, etc. There are probably games out there that don't require combat as a method of advancing the game, but I'm not privy to any of them. No matter what you look like, or roleplay, you will do battle at some point.

But what if there was a game that let you progress through other means? What if you were a diplomat or politician, with different goals and abilities? What if you had to be protected by other players as you made your way through the game world, dependent on them for your survival? Would that be fun? Would you ever choose to play a noncombatant and watch other players hog all the glory?
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