Promotional Consideration: Nintendo DS Air

Eric Caoili
E. Caoili|02.17.08

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Promotional Consideration: Nintendo DS Air

Promotional Consideration is a weekly feature about the Nintendo DS advertisements you usually flip past, change the channel on, or just tune out.

You don't have to try too hard to find similarities between the Nintendo DS Lite and Apple's Macbook Air -- they're both sleek, attractive devices, curves at every corner. Also, both of their designs place a heavy emphasis on their portability. And, most importantly, they both fit in an envelope!

Nintendo DS Air:

Macbook Air:

Best mail ever.

Antho70's spoof of Apple's ad doesn't have the lighting, smooth camera work, or other slick production qualities of the original, but it does, for the most part, duplicate the Macbook Air commercial shot-for-shot, replacing the notebook computer with a DS Lite. Did any of you draw this exact comparison between the two when you first saw this commercial unveiling Apple's "ultra portable?"

Would a similar campaign work for the Nintendo DS? One could argue that ultimately a system's appeal is in its games, not its visually-pleasing hardware. But hasn't the DS Lite become as much a "lifestyle accessory" as it is a a handheld console? The portable even appears in this month's issue of fashion magazine Marie Claire!

A clip-on tie? Pleated pants? Not exactly what's hot on the streets. It's safe to assume that the girl only sticks around for the Nintendo DS.
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